Caucus Members

As of June 4, 2009 these are the members of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Caucus. For more information on joining the Caucus, please contact Jodi Peterson,; (703-312-9214).

Members of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Caucus (as of June 4, 2009)

Member Website
Abercromie, Neil
Altmire, Jason
Baird, Brian
Baker, Richard
Baldwin, Tammy
Bartlett, Roscoe
Bean, Melissa
Berman, Howard
Biggert, Judy IL
Bilbray, Brian CA
Boswell, Leonard
Boucher, Rick
Boyd, Allen
Brady, Robert
Braley, Bruce
Burton, Dan
Calvert, Ken
Capito, Shelley Moore
Capps, Lois
Capuano, Michael
Carnahan, Russ
Carson, André
Castle, Mike
Chandler, Ben
Cleaver, Emanuel
Clyburn, James
Coffman, Mike
Costa, Jim
Costello, Jerry
Courtney, Joe
Crowley, Joseph
Davis, Susan
Dent, Charles
Doggett, Lloyd
Ehlers, Vern
Eshoo, Anna
Etheridge, Robert
Filner, Bob
Forbes, Randy
Foster, Bill
Gerlach, Jim
Giffords, Gabrielle
Gillmor, Paul
Goodlatte, Bob
Gordon, Bart
Green, Al
Green, Gene
Grijalva, Raul
Hall, Ralph
Hare, Phil
Harman, Jane
Herseth, Stephanie
Higgins, Brian
Hinojosa, Ruben
Hirono, Mazie
Hooley, Darlene
Holt, Rush
Honda, Mike
Inglis, Bob
Jefferson, William
Johnson, Eddie Bernice
Kaptur, Marcy
Keller, Ric
Kennedy, Patrick
Kind, Ron
Kirk, Mark
Klein, Ron
Larson, John
Larsen, Rick
Lee, Barbara
Lee, Chris
Levin, Sander
Lewis, John
Lipinski, Dan
Loebsack, David
Lofgren, Zoe
Lynch, Stephen
Maloney, Carolyn
Manzullo, Donald
Matheson, Jim
Markey, Edward
Matsui, Doris
McCarthy, Carolyn
McCaul, Michael
McCotter, Thaddeus
McGovern, James
McIntyre, Mike
McKeon, Buck
McMorris-Rogers, Cathy
McNerney, Jerry
Meeks, Gregory
Miller, Brad
Mitchell, Harry
Moore, Dennis
Moran, Jerry
Moran, Jim
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Scott
Neal, Richard
Olver, John
Payne, Donald
Peterson, Collin
Price, David
Putnam, Adam
Ramstad, Jim
Reichert, Dave
Reyes, Silverstre http://wwwc.
Rogers, Mike
Ross, Mike
Rothman, Steve
Ruppersburger, Dutch
Sanchez, Linda
Schiff, Adam
Schwartz, Allyson
Serrano, Jose
Sestak, Joe
Smith, Adam
Snyder, Vic
Sutton, Betty
Tiberi, Patrick
Tsongas, Niki
Upton, Fred
Van Hollen, Chris
Wamp, Zach
Waxman, Henry
Wilson, Charlie
Wolf, Frank
Woolsey, Lynn
Wu, David