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Google Glass: A Lab on the End of your Nose

Over the summer I had the privilege of watching a 5th grader take Google Glass for a spin. The student was far faster at mastering the interface than I was, and also much more creative in his application of Google Glass. Google Glass is, well, I better let Wikipedia explain it: Google Glass (styled “GLΛSS”) is […]

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Flatten the Classroom with the iGo Microscope

Although many handheld technologies of Star Trek seem antiquated, or perhaps even steam punkish in todays world, there are still a few pieces of Treknata that we dream of. But that list just got one item shorter with the iGo wireless microscope. While not quite a Medical Tricorder, the iGo does capture the essence of […]

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Russian Meteor Fertile Ground for High Tech Exploration…On Your Classroom Computer

The fall of what is unofficially named the Chelyabinsk Meteor (soon to be meteorite) has produced a staggering number of videos. Whether police dashboard camera, cell phone, ATM camera, traffic camera, parking lot, or just one of hundreds of security cameras, clear video of the event from multiple perspectives, angles, and capture methods has packed YouTube […]

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iPad Simple Harmonic Motion with Household Parts

Simple harmonic motion is not only a foundational topic in physical science, but also a major player in many different fields from music to engineering to architecture, to sports. The iPad can be used to generate a real-time visual presentation of harmonic motion, both simple and complex, with just a few household parts and your […]

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Mini Doc Cams Capture the World Up Close

Small document cameras, or mini doc cams, are making inroads into many classrooms due to their low cost, USB power, small size, and adaptability. It is the latter feature that makes them especially attractive to science teachers. One camera in particular is the IPEVO Point 2 View USB document camera. Since the camera connects to […]

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Chemistry Now, how atoms bond: ionic bonds

Atoms, molecules, protons, electrons, bonding. Nothing new there, so why don’t your students remember which is which and how it works? A question with many possible answers, but now, perhaps a solution! Use this learning package to introduce, review, or add to your instruction. How Atoms Bond: Ionic Bonds uses animated sequences to really hit […]

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Chemistry Now, wrapping up: chemistry of cellophane

Looking for something to spark discussion about the importance of scientific investigation? Try out the assets in this learning package created by NBC Learn, NSF, and NSTA. Two core videos look at how accidental and ongoing, targeted research can result in unimagined discoveries. Supporting videos and other materials give you fodder for building units or […]

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Chemistry Now, the chemistry of crystals: ice, salt

The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued. Like Robert Frost in Dust of Snow, seeing the individual crystalline shape of a tiny snowflake always brings a smile to […]

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Chemistry Now, carbon, captured: carbon dioxide

As a college student in the 70s wracking up science courses for my secondary teaching degree, scientists’ warnings of accelerated global warming made a believer out of me. Recently, looking at photos of Mt. Kilimanjaro or glaciers in Chile taken over the last forty years, I still find it curious that there are doubters out […]

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Surveying video and lesson plan use

We need your help!!! NBC Learn, NSF, and NSTA have teamed up to bring you video / lesson plan packages that explore various science concepts. But we want to know how we can make them better and more usable in your classroom. Your feedback will point us to improvements. Please settle in with a cup […]

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