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The Vernier Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor: A Magic Wand for Magnets

What could be better than one anisotropic magnetoresistance magnetic field sensor? How about three anisotropic magnetoresistance magnetic field sensors and a Hall effect sensor as well! Pack them all into a lightweight watertight housing with a rechargeable battery and wired or wireless connectivity and you’ve got yourself a Vernier Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor. I’ve been […]

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It’s more than just power, it’s teaching potential: Vernier Go Direct Sensors and Micro USB Charging

Power powers. It’s that simple. With all our digital tools, there is at least one common thread across it all and that is we need a flow of electrons to keep the teaching and learning in high gear. But of course batteries die. There are four common battery solutions in our digital devices. One is […]

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Go Wireless® Heart Rate

  Introduction When studying the cardiovascular system, Vernier’s Go Wireless® Heart Rate monitor is an excellent way for students to engage in the collection of real data by having the opportunity to monitor their heart rates in a variety of ways. For example, students can take their pulse before, during, and after exercising. While doing so, the data […]

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Vernier Go! Link: Hand Dynamometer

    Vernier’s Go! Link is a single-channel USB interface used to connect many Vernier sensors directly to a Windows or Macintosh computer. This device can be connected into a USB port and can be used to connect of a variety of sensors. For this review, we used a Hand Dynamometer, which is designed to measure grip […]

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The Vernier LabQuest Stream: The Absolute Hub of Discovery

“Stream” Nouns are useful, but verbs are educational. So when Vernier released their LabQuest Stream sensor interface into the wild, the familiar grey box quickly proved to be much more than just a powerful and innovative radio station that broadcasts up to five data channels via Bluetooth to any device that can listen, but truly a hub […]

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The Vernier Go Wireless Link: A Bluetooth Broadcaster for your Sensors

Vernier’s new Go Wireless Link is a small but effective solution to expand the scope and reach of over 40 sensors. Using a Bluetooth bridge between sensor and computer or tablet, and a usable range extending up to 30 meters, the Go Wireless Link provided an upgrade to existing sensors and a new frontier in what’s possible in data collection.

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The Vernier Motion Encoder System: Motion Encoding Made Personal

The Vernier Motion Encoder System marks a significant shift in the science teacher’s ability to transition between the conceptual, formula-based physics of motion to the “real world” application of those concepts and formulas—and here’s the big news—without the need for disclaimers explaining away anomalous data, inconsistent graphs, and the general background noise of low resolution […]

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Upping the Ante: A Classroom Gas Chromatograph!

The gas chromatograph, until recently, has been a founding member in the exclusive club of scientific instrumentation that lived only in the rarified air of serious scientific laboratories. Other members of the club include the electron microscope, the mass spectrometer, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and of course the cyclotron. Below is a picture of a […]

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Kicking the tires on the LabQuest 2 and its Connected Science System

A couple weeks ago, Vernier released their Graphical Analysis App for iOS providing a functional wireless interface with their LabQuest 2 and the iPad. We took a LabQuest 2 and an iPad running Vernier’s Graphical Analysis App for a quick spin in Yellowstone National Park this weekend to explore the connectivity and general features. We found […]

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