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Dense Question

My kindergarten students believe that small objects are always light and big objects are always heavier. How can I address this misconception? —L., Wyoming Excellent question! This is a major misconception many adults have about density: the characteristic relationship between the mass and volume of materials. I think the best way to tackle this is […]

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Managing an Active Class

How do you maintain classroom management and control during active science lessons? I am curious about how to keep students under control when encouraging movement and active involvement in teaching.  — A., Texas I have always liked an active class—provided the activity is focussed on learning! Observing what is happening is important—so pick a spot […]

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Having the right chemistry

I was wondering how I could incorporate chemistry into my early elementary classes and what some good resources are to use. — G., Montana Chemistry activities for young children are some of the coolest and most engaging for students. Putting on goggles, using measuring utensils, and mixing substances are what most students think of when they […]

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I like to infuse humour into my classroom. What is your opinion on teachers and students joking around? — T., Utah I, too, am a jokester and like to have fun with my students. I attribute a large part of this to my own teachers who were funny and made their classrooms enjoyable. Never make […]

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Sad State of Affairs

I have observed a lack of emphasis on science concepts in the elementary classroom. Does this seem to be common practice in other schools? Any suggestions on how to incorporate multiple subjects within a science lesson to help alleviate this? – K., Tennessee The sad fact is that science, like many disciplines, takes a back […]

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What’s My Motivation?

How do I motivate students who don’t want to do anything at all? — B., Utah If you ever solve this, you’ll be up for a Nobel Prize! There is no sure-fire method that will motivate every student. So, use several methods. You can engage students’ interest in the content you are teaching by having […]

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This student is too loud. This student is too quiet. This student is…

I have a few students who chatter excessively and need advice on methods that have worked to quiet the disruption. I also need to involve students who are reluctant to participate in a group setting. —H., Arizona I like a chatty, active classroom— provided the students are on task. I would give students opportunities to […]

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I understand that confidence comes with experience, but I was wondering if you have any tricks or tips that helped you become more confident as a teacher? – J., Ohio To calm my own nerves, I would remind myself: No one expects perfection. Just be reflective of your lessons and interactions with students. I was […]

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Tackling Misconceptions and Personal Beliefs

How do you overcome misconceptions that many students will have coming into your classrooms? What is the best way to handle and approach situations when personal beliefs are involved? — M., Arkansas   Misconceptions abound in almost every topic we could study in science! To help anticipate some common misconceptions search NSTA’s The Learning Center and […]

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Absentee Student

One student in the class I currently teach has only been present one day out of four weeks. How should I keep this student up to date with the work that he is missing? Any tips and advice are greatly appreciated! — O., Ohio Talk to your cooperating teacher to learn what strategies have been […]

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