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What do you teach?

What is the most important part of teaching to remember when teaching science?  – C., Iowa I would ask all my student teachers, “What do you teach?” Without hesitation, they would answer science, biology, chemistry, or another discipline. I would then tell them, “I teach kids.” The most important thing is to remember that you […]

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Ed News: Review Of New Academic Standards Begins

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This week in education news, North Dakota’s superintendent is requesting teachers to review new academic standards; California teachers find new science standards fun, but expensive; four New York students injured in a chemistry experiment gone wrong; several Wisconsin school districts are trying a new method of evaluating what students learn; Veteran astronaut Dr. Bernard Harris […]

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Ed News: Attracting, Retaining Qualified & Diverse Faculty Is A Prerequisite To Building The Field

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This week in education news, Girls Scouts launch $70 Million STEM initiative; new study reveals that some Latinos believe science education may have a negative impact on the religious faith of their children; the more education that Democrats and Republicans have, the more their beliefs in climate change diverge; Nevada may add math and science […]

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NSTA 2015—Science Teachers’ Sense of Humor

One word I have never heard used to describe an NSTA conference is “boring.” There were swarms of science teachers everywhere! I am always amazed by the sheer number of educators at every career level, from first year teachers to veteran educators, eager to share and learn together.  And plenty of science and education humor was […]

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Avoiding burnout and staying positive

I’ve taught Earth Science for 10 years and I like my students and what I’m doing. But sometimes I feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Is this normal? How can I avoid burnout and stay positive?  —R., Washington This dilemma came up at a recent event I attended. Most teachers identified with how you feel. One teacher […]

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Preparing for the Praxis

I’m an elementary teacher and I’m thinking of taking the Praxis test to be certified to teach science in middle school. It has been many years since I was in high school and college, and I only took the basic science classes. Could you suggest resources to help me prepare for the test? —Twyla, Mississippi […]

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Educated observations

I’m a new teacher, and my principal informed me she’s going to do a formal “observation.” She’s been in and out of my lab on weekly walkthroughs, but this time she’ll be in the room for the whole class. This is my first observation and I’m getting nervous—how should I prepare? —Kate, Elizabeth, New Jersey […]

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