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Summertime, and the livin’ is…

I am looking for recommendations on how to spend my summer preparing to implement the science program our school district adopted. —C., Illinois Without knowing the specifics of your district’s program I can’t say precisely what to do, but I have some general advice. First, this is your summer break—take some time to unwind and […]

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“Is it summer yet?”

Your children may have declared, “It’s summer!” if they have noticed the rising air temperatures as measured with a thermometer or as sensed in a relative way (freezing-cold-chilly-cool-warm-warmer-hot-really really hot). Planting in an outside garden or pot is another marker of summer, as is the opening of outdoor public swimming pools the weekend before Memorial […]

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Where are you reading Science and Children this summer?

A family trip took me to a new and breathtaking location—Glacier National Park. We went before the Reynolds Creek Wildland fire started but evidence of past burns and avalanches was dramatic. The trip also provided the moments I needed away from daily chores to thoroughly read the July issue of Science and Children. Where have […]

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Lemonade Stands and Summer Activity Resources

Thanks to a teacher who was moving and in a new job, I received boxes of resources from Zoobooks to CESI publications to posters that will interest children and convey concepts today as well as they did 30 years ago—sorting by an attribute and measuring will always be important in science education. Many of the […]

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Joys of summer

Children play year-round but some media for play is more easily used in summer. Some recent play that I’ve observed: Observing the motion of wood chip mulch as it is shaken back and forth on a spring rider.                 Using tools to move water and observe its flow.   […]

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Summertime science investigations and International Mud Day

Many children investigate the natural world more fully in summer, building their understanding of natural materials and phenomena through small moments and large. Jumping into water Pushing stones           Moving water with tools Finding a small animal           Harvesting an early crop   Climbing a tree   […]

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Family science: ideas and resources for activities

Towards the end of the school year we often think of resources we can share with families to use over the summer. I like to describe my favorite outdoor areas to explore with young children with tips for what to take to make the experience last longer (snacks and hats) and be safe (know what […]

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Summer reading, summer camping, summer science

What can you suggest to your students and their families for summer science explorations? Indoor museum and library visits, and outdoor trips to the local park and to a novel environment—prairie, riverside, city parking lot, mountain, desert or beach—may entice you and your students to seek new experiences and knowledge that can be built on […]

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