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Mission to Mars, or, Where does this gravel come from?

“Where does this gravel come from?” is a question that you can ask about many places in the solar system—in the dirt on the playground and in the Gale Crater on Mars, now that the NASA Mars rover Curiosity has landed. Your playground gravel might have been dug up by the children or delivered by truck. […]

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Space exploration—more relevant than ever!

  Space. The Final Frontier. Well, not really according to James Garvin, Chief Scientist for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  He insists, “Our exploration has just begun.” Dr. Garvin was the keynote speaking during yesterday’s general session at the 2011 NSTA Hartford Area Conference.  He guided attendees through the evolution of the space program—through words […]

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What teachers do in the summer…

This summer, I attended the Space Academy for Educators at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. I am a K–5 reading specialist, and I also am the Science Power Hour instructor in our afterschool program. Obviously, we will be learning lots and lots about space this year! What concepts should I expect my […]

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Barbara Morgan—part 2

Lynn here. I attended the general session this morning as well. I found Barbara’s speech particularly inspirational. As folks were leaving the ballroom, she announced she had a special presentation to make. She presented NSTA with momentos from her August flight aboard Endeavour—including a Christa McAuliffe flight patch. I was in high school at the time […]

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Barbara Morgan—exploring space through a teacher’s eyes

Barbara Morgan was a featured speaker today, and it was a real thrill to see her in person. She described her Space Shuttle mission with slides and videos, a wonderful sense of humor, and a real pride in being an educator. As I listened to her describe what makes a NASA mission successful, several words […]

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