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20th century skills for the 22nd century and beyond!

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” —Chinese Proverb A team of science educators has developed a new NSTA position statement acknowledging the value of 21st-century skills within the context of science education (available here). The statement advocates for the science education community to support 21st-century skills consistent with best practices across a science […]

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Improving student skills

My ninth-grade students are struggling with lab activities. For example, they don’t seem to know how to formulate a hypothesis or write a conclusion. When I asked them to graph the data, I saw lots of blank looks on their faces. What can I do? —Jeff, Baltimore, Maryland Your question brings back memories. When I […]

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Critical science “skills”

What are the critical skills you think students need to be successful in science? —Niki, Baltimore, Maryland In science department meetings, we often agonize over what and how much content to “cover.” We lament that students don’t seem to remember much content from one year or subject to the next. Inquiry and in-depth study often […]

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