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Natural Resources, Natural Partnerships: Featured Strand at NSTA’s 2015 National Conference on Science Education in Chicago, IL, March 12-15

This March, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) will feature a special strand “Natural Resources, Natural Partnerships” at our 2015 National Conference on Science Education, in Chicago, March 12–15. Sustaining natural resources requires collaborative partnerships among many stakeholders, and science is the key to making smart decisions about resources. Educators and students can engage with […]

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So what is a “must do” at an NSTA Conference?

This month we are looking for comments and recommendations on what you are most looking forward to at the upcoming conference on science education in Boston! Help our fellow educators by highlighting your “must do” session along with the reason why you put it in the “must do” category. So, what is my “must do?” […]

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Opportunities for learning and networking at NSTA conferences

I just returned from the NSTA area conference in Denver. As always and whenever they are, these conferences are wonderful learning opportunities for science teachers. Now that I’ve filled out the session evaluations and updated my transcript on the NSTA Learning Center, I have time to reflect on the opportunities I had to attend session […]

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Getting the most from the NSTA conference

Are you attending the NSTA conference in San Antonio this spring? At this point, you should be registering, making arrangements for lodging and transportation, and thinking about your lesson plans for the substitute (if you haven’t done so already). If this the first time you’ve attended the national conference, it can be overwhelming at first. […]

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“Can It Reflect Light?” and other probing questions

Can it reflect light? Is it a plant? Is it made of cells? These questions are among more than 100 formative assessment probes developed by Page Keeley and her colleagues to help teachers elicit information about what students think about key science concepts. A capacity crowd at Keeley’s Seattle conference session turned out to learn […]

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Off to the races with physics!

I enjoyed watching auto races as a child, so I decided to check out Norm Barstow’s session, Elastic Power: Wind Up Your Engines and Explore (a.k.a. “NASCAR in New Orleans”).

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Fun and games with the carbon cycle

Demonstrating the carbon cycle was never so much fun as it was in Kristen Dotti’s session, Drop the Lecture and Let the Students Pick Up the Learning in Environmental Science.

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Picture-perfect elementary STEM

This morning in New Orleans, as part of the Urban Science Education Leadership (USEL) session, presenters from the Baltimore City Public Schools described their district’s Elementary STEM Teacher Clinic and how it transformed the teachers who participated in it.

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With STEM, almost everything is possible

In New Orleans, we heard from DARPA’s Geoffrey Ling about an amazing medical breakthrough.

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The scoop on the Next Generation Science Standards

Stephen Pruitt enlightened conference attendees about the standards and asked them to lead the way for implementation in their states.

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