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Figuring out what seeds need to sprout

Do seeds need soil to sprout? Many people would say yes. Preschool children may know, or at least are able to recite, that plants need “dirt,” water, and sunshine to grow. Left out is plants’ need for air—a developmentally appropriate omission. Although young children feel and use air, it isn’t until 5th grade that they are […]

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Maple trees and squirrels: a relationship

The Silver maple tree is flowering, early for the season in my region, but right on schedule for the way the season is unfolding this year. Although the flowers are tiny, the details can be seen with a magnifier. When children’s attention is drawn to the small happenings in nature, it contributes to their framework […]

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Discovering Science: teaching science and sequencing (seeds, grades K-1)

They put down roots and then sprout shoots! Seeds—they are little packages that bring new plants to life. As children discover the steps in a seed’s development, they will also experience the skill of sequencing. Understanding sequence or the order of events, helps children develop scientific inquiry as well as literacy skills. With NSTA’s latest […]

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Summer eating and learning about the needs of seeds

I am enjoying eating fresh blueberries every day—before that it was mangos. Neither of them grew in my neighborhood but I do have a large enough sliver of sunlight to grow herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme, fennel and oregano. At the preschool, children are harvesting cucumbers. Sarah Pounders writes about promoting fruits and vegetables […]

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Choosing plants for fall school garden lessons

What should, or can, a teacher plant during the early days of school to support children’s adjustment to school and deepen their understanding of living organisms? The answer to this question depends on many variables, including whether your school is located close to or far away from the equator, how high above sea level it […]

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Spring activities and books to go with them

In our mid-Atlantic spring we can have temperatures in the 50s or in the 80s, rain or shine. The activities the children have been involved in center around the weather. We planted peas and radishes, measured their growth, examined the pea flowers, and are waiting for the harvest. The radishes may be too spicy for many […]

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Maple tree seed toss makes a good gross motor activity

The seeds of maple trees are shaped like single wings and rotate around the heavy seed end when tossed into the air. The twirling motion is unexpected because most leaf-like objects fall in a less regular fashion. Collect some for a rainy day. Have children spread out so no one bumps heads, then toss the […]

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