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“Is it summer yet?”

Your children may have declared, “It’s summer!” if they have noticed the rising air temperatures as measured with a thermometer or as sensed in a relative way (freezing-cold-chilly-cool-warm-warmer-hot-really really hot). Planting in an outside garden or pot is another marker of summer, as is the opening of outdoor public swimming pools the weekend before Memorial […]

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Spring, and moving on towards summer

In my neck of the woods we are enjoying a consistently cool Spring with cherry blossoms and daffodils lasting longer than in most years. The sugar snap peas that the children planted in a large pot outside are about 7cm tall and while we’ve seen Cabbage White butterflies around, we haven’t found any eggs on […]

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Winter science activities

This winter has had more than “teachable moments”—it’s been a teachable season (at least on those days when school was in session). No matter what winter looks like in your neck of the woods, it’s an interesting time for science activities. It’s been a meteorology paradise this winter. In SciLinks, the key word Snowflakes has […]

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Everyone talks about the weather, but the articles in this issue show students doing more than talking. Just look at the action words in the titles: blog, cruise, teach, make, watch, look, learn. The differences between weather and climate can be challenging for younger students. The author of Making the Climate Connection suggests a “progression” […]

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Science and winter

I was in a school once where the teachers did a “winter” unit on penguins with activities that included trade books, puzzles, writing activities, and the showing of several popular films. But there was not a lot of science involved, and one of their bulletin boards even showed a group of polar bears and penguins […]

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“Fall” into SciLinks

It’s October already–the air is getting a little cooler, the leaves are changing color, and the number of daylight hours is decreasing. Some birds have left for their winter homes, and others are arriving or passing through. And, of course, the World Series is just around the corner and football season is underway! What a […]

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