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The magic of a scientist’s visit

When a scientist visits a classroom, it’s the start of a partnership that shapes students’ perception of science and enhances a teacher’s content knowledge.

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Important lessons learned from a teacher

After reading the moving NPR story of a neurosurgeon who thanked his high school science teacher, investigative reporter Steve Silberman began to imagine all the other stories out there of a teacher’s influence on prominent writers, teachers, and scientists.  “It struck me how rarely we hear from accomplished people about the debt they owe their […]

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Benefitting from undergrad research experience

Chemistry teacher Derrick Wood is one of more than 200 Drew University alumni who conducted research as an undergraduate with a fellow of the Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti (RISE) program. Find out how RISE benefits the students–and their scientist mentors.

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What is a Scientist? Resources for young children

What do your students think of when you talk about scientists? Is it Albert Einstein with long white hair, a person in a lab coat working with test tubes, or Sid the Science Kid? The work of science inquiry takes place in labs and many other locations. Broaden your students’ appreciation of science by broadening […]

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Ideas sparkle at Intel Science Talent Search

NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently attended the 2010 Intel Science Talent Search Awards in Washington, DC. He listened to student presentations (including one which he freely admits was out of his scope) and talked with science teachers. He wrote: In today’s wired world, the most important economic competition is no longer between countries or companies. The […]

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Creating tomorrow’s STEM workforce

In the 21st century, our country will have “so many things we need that we don’t have a workforce for,” said Garland Thompson during his Shell Science Seminar “Talent Knows No Color Line.” He says “we need to train up a new crew to do that work.”

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Girl power in science

I loved how Christina Dragon’s presentation “She Discovered It! Bringing Women Scientists to Life in the Classroom” turned into a lively interactive discussion about how to reach girls in science.

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Peering into students’ “private universe”

Get some insight on students’ “Private Universe” in Philadelphia. You’ll find sessions addressing misconceptions at all grade levels, in a range of science fields.

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It’s not lunch, it’s science!

The National Academies of Science has some ideas for “Igniting a Passion for Science” in your students. The session this morning featured forensic anthropologist Diane France. Before France spoke, attendees were encouraged to think about why they would integrate scientists into their teaching. The benefits mentioned included exposing students to alternative careers, making science ‘real’ and […]

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Record keeping in science

With the theme of “record keeping,” we might have expected the cover photo to show children writing in a notebook or typing on a computer. Instead, the editor chose a photo of a child looking through binoculars with an “Oh Wow!” expression. As teachers, we live for these Oh Wow! or Aha! events. But if […]

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