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Nurture a love of learning in your science classroom

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How can we cultivate a student’s (and a teacher’s!) natural love of learning and exploration amid so many demands in today’s schools? The recent article “When Success Leads to Failure” in The Atlantic by teacher–author Jessica Lahey drew our attention once again to the pressure students feel to test well and excel in their studies—perhaps […]

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Afterschool Science Engagement

In this month’s Reaching the Stakeholders section of the Leaders Letter, there is mention of a feature on NPR which raised the point about engagement of students in science in the classroom.  A follow up point about engaging students in science opportunities afterschool and at home was also posited – after all science does not […]

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Warming Up for a Science Fair

Teachers, students, and parents who have participated in a science fair have different perspectives on the experience. Students may feel both excited and nervous as they choose their topics, develop the projects, and present their findings. Parents may remember their dining rooms turning into makeshift laboratories and design studios as crystals form, incline ramps are […]

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