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Redesigning the Science Fair

Schools and teachers are transforming traditional science fairs into events incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) or STEAM (STEM plus Arts).

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Science Fair Blues

My school requires science fairs for all ninth graders. How do you encourage students to ask questions that don’t just come from books or websites?  – L., Massachusetts   I think the objective of a science fair is to learn about the nature of science by designing and conducting experiments in a scientific manner and […]

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Google’s Online Science Fair winners

One year ago, this blog highlighted the unique opportunity of the Google’s Global Online Science Fair. Well, the fair was a success and the winners have been announced. According to a Google website, Over 10,000 students from 91 countries submitted amazing science experiments. With project topics ranging from “Can I program a robot in English?” to “Can […]

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Several years ago, I did a series of workshops entitled “What’s in Your Assessment Toolkit?” so I appreciated both the cover and the theme of this month’s issue of Science Scope. Whatever vocabulary we use (assessment, test, exam, etc) the purpose, according to the editor, is the same: to determine what students know before a […]

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A global online science fair?

I was just reading about Google’s Global Online Science Fair. My first thought was why didn’t I think of that? But even if I had, it would have been mere seconds considering the scale of such a thing to squash any chance of mustering the necessary resources and financial backing. While there are many upsides […]

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Science fairs and alternatives

I have my eighth-grade honors physical science classes do traditional science fair projects (trifold board display with research essay and lab report). This year there has been some discussion within our department about giving students alternatives. The students would be able to choose what type of project they want to do (so those who are […]

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Science fairs

The June/July issue of Learning and Leading with Technology has a description of the website Science Buddies, a comprehensive resource for science fair participants of all ages. Getting started with a topic was the hardest part for my students, and this site has a “topic selection wizard” that guides students through the process of selecting […]

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The resourceful teacher

In the ideal world, every school would have whatever materials it takes to provide quality learning experiences. But our world is not ideal and we teachers have learned to be quite ingenious. Although the activity in the article Discovery Bottles is written for K-2, this could be adapted into a neat idea for the first […]

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Science fairs made easy

Susan Morgan gave us tips for starting and running a science fair gleaned from her 18 years of experience with fairs. I appreciated her suggestion to let students choose something they’re interested in and develop a question to answer. Let them follow their own star. Morgan (at left in the photo above) advised teachers to […]

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Science fairs and beyond

It will soon be the time when many schools go into Science Fair mode, with reactions from students (and perhaps some teachers) that range from cheers of excitement to groans of despair. This month’s Science and Children should be required reading for any teacher whose students are going to be involved in science fairs. I […]

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