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Learn How to Build Community Partnerships at the 8th Annual STEM Forum & Expo

Last spring, an article in the April/May 2018 issue of Science Scope highlighted a community partnership between a middle school in Massachusetts and a group of scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). In the article, Engineering Partnerships, the authors describe a successful, engaging engineering design project developed by a classroom teacher and a WHOI […]

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High tech highlights: NSTA 2011

Here’s a taste of NSTA San Fran. More on this later, but many of the tech tools are open-ended allowing for student/teacher defined uses. Overall, the future looks like a fun place to teach!

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Sunday AM

Imagine—you submit a proposal for a session at the NSTA conference, and you’re ecstatic when it’s accepted. And then you learn that you have an 8:00 AM Sunday morning time slot, in competition with early departures, church services, hotel brunches, and losing an hour to daylight savings time. Will anyone come to my session? Steve […]

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Putting the “teacher” in NSTA

Congratulations to all of the teacher-presenters at NSTA—to those who were willing to share their ideas and experiences. It’s a quantum leap from the classroom to the national stage, but in the sessions I attended, my colleagues rose to the occasion. For example, Greg Benedis-Grab from The School at Columbia University (NY) shared ideas he […]

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Talking about NSTA

The NSTA conference was featured in blogs from Edutopia: Jeff Goldstein’s keynote Some thoughts trends in science education (also from Edutopia)

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Breaking the Digital Divide

NSTA Emeritus Executive Director Gerry Wheeler shared his thoughts on the challenges facing science education in the coming decade in the Robert H. Karplus Lecture. He noted that although students’ lives outside the classroom are changing dramatically, but their lives inside the classroom have not kept pace. Wheeler said future visions of education are being […]

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Capitalizing on curiosity

Featured speaker Larry Lowery’s lively presentation at the San Francisco NSTA conference highlighted research findings about how children learn to inspire teachers to incorporate new practices in their classrooms. Lowery encouraged teachers to further expand students’ opportunities to learn and explore using their various senses.  He showed a functional MRI image to illustrate the lit-up […]

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Scorpions, free materials, and more

One thing about attending a NSTA conference, you get to try local cuisine, as well as an occasional unusual treat. I just spoke to this teacher from Pittsburgh who told me he sampled a scorpion in the exhibit hall. The chef didn’t recommend any sauces so as not overwhelm the scorpion’s natural flavor. It also […]

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It’s not just teachers…part 2

In addition to science educators, you also run into some interesting characters… …

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NSTA—it’s not just teachers!

The name may be National Science Teachers Association, but our members—and conference presenters—are involved at all levels of education. Improving STEM Teaching and Education: A Superintendent’s Symposium featured four Bay-area superintendents discussing how they support STEM education in their districts. It was interesting to hear them talk about creating partnerships with local businesses, keeping a […]

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