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Engaging in Authentic Research

Looking for an opportunity for you and your students to do authentic scientific research? Then programs like Rutgers University’s Waksman Student Scholars Program (WSSP) and the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) might be for you.

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Growing a Turnip and Growing Professionally: Resources at every step of the way

Resources that support early childhood science learning may be ideas or lesson plans for specific investigations by children, or be information for educators about children’s learning progressions, research into how children learn, science content information for adults, or an extensive analysis of the state of early science education.  Where do you get the support you […]

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Research in science teaching

Over the summer, I’ve been catching up on articles in NSTA’s Journal of College Science Teaching. One feature I appreciated in the July issue is the NSTA Committee on Research in Science Education’s suggestions of 15 science education research articles that were published in the journals of NSTA’s affiliates. The article Current Research: 2013 Summer […]

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What educators should know about research

Reading publications from other organizations related to literacy, administration, and technology provides a context for science instruction. An article I recently read has relevance for science teachers: 10 Things Every Literacy Educator Should Know About Research. The article, by Nell Duke and Nicole Martin, was in the September 2011 issue of The Reading Teacher. TRT’s […]

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Benefitting from undergrad research experience

Chemistry teacher Derrick Wood is one of more than 200 Drew University alumni who conducted research as an undergraduate with a fellow of the Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti (RISE) program. Find out how RISE benefits the students–and their scientist mentors.

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Summer reading

As I head off to the beach next week, along with a few mystery novels, I’m going to pack some of the books I ordered at the NSTA conference last spring, a few back issues of NSTA journals I want to review, and several of the resources listed in Current Research: Summer Reading Suggestions in […]

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Staying up-to-date on professional issues

I subscribe to many blogs and other RSS feeds to try to stay up-to-date. In a previous post, I noted how RSS feeds from organizations such as NASA, Scientific American, and the National Science Foundation provide summaries of current issues and interesting topics in science. There are many other resources that can give us up-to-date […]

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Science nation

Have you seen the National Science Foundation’s new online magazine Science Nation? The NSF’s news release dated June 1, 2009, states that this video program will “take a dynamic, entertaining look at the research, and the researchers, that will change our lives.” Science Nation will have a new episode every Monday. Each episode consists of […]

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Research in science classrooms

Wow — students doing real research! This adds a different dimension to the “labs” that students do. There is certainly a time and place for replication or follow-the-directions activities (for example, to learn how to use various equipment or to practice skills such as observation and data collection). But the research projects described in this […]

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