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Garden observations and questions

Gardening with children may turn up questions voiced by the children or suggested by their behavior. As you observe children in the garden or a natural area, take a few notes about what they look at or touch. Model how you wonder about a phenomenon in the garden by saying it aloud, such as, “Is […]

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Essential questions

We are being asked to post “essential questions” in our classrooms this year. I’m not sure of what makes a question “essential” and how this would help students. Would I need a different question each day for my biology course? —John, Boston, Massachusetts My knowledge and experience with essential questions relates to the Understanding by […]

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Building on prior experience

This month I was able to spend unstructured time with a 2.5 year old and her family. In my position as an observer, not teacher, care-giver or parent, I could enjoy only observing—observing without a purpose outside my own interest. This open-ended vacation mode of observation may not have sharpened my thinking or provoke deep […]

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Teach and Tell Circle Time

In the July 2012 Science & Children I wrote about establishing a “Teach and Tell” circle time at the beginning of the school year. This sharing circle has several purposes—to provide a focused time to learn about natural materials, to allow children to each have a turn as the circle leader by talking and taking […]

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