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Science for all

There’s been a lot of activity in the social media sites about the relevance of professional development. Some of the best PD I had came from working informally with special education teachers. I had students with special needs in my classes and my colleagues helped me come to the same conclusions as the SS Editor: […]

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Process skills

The guest editorial Inquiry, Process Skills, and Thinking in Science is relevant to any grade level. The author notes that inquiry is an intellectual endeavor. I’ve seen classes where students complete hands-on activities without thinking about what they’re doing. For example, an elementary class was told that they were making “oobleck” as part of a […]

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Observing closely—bubbles!

Bubble blowing is a favorite activity of young children. Two-year-olds, who often have difficulty blowing a stream of air, may have more success by waving a bubble wand. The process is moderately difficult for 3 and 4 year olds and can be made more challenging for older children by providing a variety of bubble “wands” […]

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