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Science teacher “wish list”

I’m newly credentialed as a principal and looking for a position at a middle school. I’m currently an English teacher, so I’m not familiar with the needs of other subject areas. What should I expect to see on a science teacher’s “wish list”? —Tyson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania It’s difficult to balance the roles of building management […]

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Our principal has started doing 5-minute “walk-throughs” in our school. What can she learn from such a brief classroom visit? How should I prepare? — Rose, Burbank, CA While principals have always been out and about in their schools, “walk-throughs” or “learning walks” are becoming an accepted strategy to learn more about what is happening […]

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Scientific principal

We have a new principal. She doesn’t seem to understand what it’s like to be a science teacher. For example, she wants to schedule non-science classes in the labs during our planning periods. One of my colleagues wants to give her a list of what she should do for us, but I’m not sure that […]

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