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NSTA Professional Development Trip: Part IV

Exploring the Canals around Tortuguera NSTA Costa Rica Trip Day 3 July 26, 2012 (posted on behalf of Greg Neff) We departed Evergreen lodge at 8:30 am in a boat to explore the canals connecting three rivers in the Tortuguero area. Took a 2 1/2 hour trip through the canals. We observed and identified 31 different […]

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NSTA Professional Development Trip: Part II

Turtle Data Collection (posted on behalf of Greg Neff) July 24 PM On a very rainy afternoon, we visited the town of Tortuguero, being sure to equip ourselves with rain gear and take in some of the culture of this isolated community, yet dependent on tourism. We attended a presentation on the history of the […]

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Spring activities and books to go with them

In our mid-Atlantic spring we can have temperatures in the 50s or in the 80s, rain or shine. The activities the children have been involved in center around the weather. We planted peas and radishes, measured their growth, examined the pea flowers, and are waiting for the harvest. The radishes may be too spicy for many […]

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A New Reason to Visit the Library

A California middle school teacher tells how seed-lending libraries can help integrate science into the curriculum.

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Science outdoors is a natural

Giving students opportunities to explore and observe plants, birds, or bugs on the school grounds or in nearby gardens and parks can bring multiple benefits. The Children & Nature Network highlights research findings that support the positive benefits of environment-based studies on school achievement, citing standardized measures in basic subject areas and other indications that […]

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Seasonal scavenger hunt

Give your students practice making observations by doing a seasonal scavenger hunt that will require closer looks at the familiar landscape to see what has changed. (Thanks to the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research for the idea.) Does the tree (with branches low enough to see) have tightly furled […]

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Science in the community

I’m hoping that secondary teachers will take a look at the articles that describe authentic investigations conducted by young scientists in their communities: Creative Soil Conservation and Boulder Creek Study. The latter has examples of student work as they studied the water quality in their communities, using various indicators, including the presence of aquatic invertebrates. […]

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More science in the early years—a reoccurring theme from high school teachers and researchers

So it’s not just me, or you…An elementary school science specialist wrote to National Science Teacher Association colleagues asking middle and high school teachers which science skills and knowledge are typically seen lacking in students as they transition from the elementary level to the middle school level and then to high school level classes. The […]

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Gardening catalogs arriving daily? Help is on the way!

Is the arrival of gardening catalogs inspiring you to dream about planting with your students, and plan a garden of any size? You know that people of all ages benefit from spending time outdoors and that your children were interested in seeds, perhaps in October if you carved a pumpkin, opened a milkweed pod, or […]

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“Early Sprouts” for two

When I shared my copy of the book Early Sprouts: Cultivating Healthy Food Choices in Young Children with a nutritionist friend, she got very excited about the possibilities, but then her job changed and she no longer works directly with children. Did that stop her? Read on… I am doing Early Sprouts with my neighbor Sydney […]

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