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What free time?

After the last session today was over at 6:00 PM, I went out for dinner.  I didn’t try to eavesdrop on the nearby table, but when I heard science notebook, nature study, and rubric, I knew I was sitting near some teachers. They were from Montgomery County, Maryland, and an earlier session had them so […]

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Physics for all

Arthur Eisenkraft (former NSTA president) asked an interesting question: Would Faraday have succeeded in today’s urban American schools? In many of today’s schools, Faraday might not have been eligible for a traditional physics class because of his lack of math background. Or this outstanding experimentalist might have been assigned to a class that did not […]

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Nature study

Sheri Amsel is a biologist and artist who created the Exploring Nature website. Her session focused on using nature trails and other outdoor venues as learning resources. She shared many of her materials, most of which are available on her website. She also emphasized the value of having students draw while they’re in the field. […]

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Scenes from the exhibit hall

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Losing your marbles over data

Tony Bartley (from Thunder Bay, Ontario) and Mike Bowen (from Halifax, Nova Scotia) discussed how to improve students’ data literacy. They reviewed types of data (nominal, ordinal, and integer/ratio) and the type of graph that would be appropriate for each. Using simple materials such as marbles, paper cups, and a ruler, they engaged the participants […]

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Science and social studies

Ellis Island Ambassadors Barbara DeSantis, Cindy Jenkins, and Beth Topinka are interested in  investigating how government policy and science are intertwined and in the historical context of innovations and discoveries. They participated in a summer project at Ellis Island on  the science of historical restorations, in which teachers studied topics such as the chemistry of […]

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Creating tomorrow’s STEM workforce

In the 21st century, our country will have “so many things we need that we don’t have a workforce for,” said Garland Thompson during his Shell Science Seminar “Talent Knows No Color Line.” He says “we need to train up a new crew to do that work.”

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CSI Philadelphia

Full disclosure–NSTA got me hooked on the CSI programs. So when given a chance to attend a session called “The Dead T-Shirt Contest” that promised to enlighten us about teaching forensic science, I had to go there, of course.

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Meet the author

The NSTA Store has a corner where we can meet the authors of current and popular books. Steve Rich was here today to sign copies of his latest book Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide. There are lots of opportunities to get outside in Philadelphia, including Fairmount Park (one of the largest urban parks in the […]

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Learn, share, re-engergize

I headed over to the exhibit hall just before it opened. I was surprised to see so many eager educators waiting for the doors to open, even on the third day! Since they had still had a few minutes before the doors opened, I was able to talk to a few. Dottie Hartman of Baton Rouge, […]

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