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Reflecting on the Flipped Classroom

Since educators began adopting flipped classroom strategies—in which instruction that typically occurred in class happens outside class, and instructors help students apply what they learned during class—many have developed new perspectives and new methods.

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Teacher Professional Learning: Transforming Teacher Practice

I encourage STEM educators (and administrators) across the U.S. to read and understand Science Teachers’ Learning: Enhancing Opportunities, Creating Supportive Contexts, a terrific report just released by the National Academies of Science (NAS), Engineering and Medicine. The National Academy report illuminates practical recommendations and lays out the supportive environment and professional learning experiences teachers need […]

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Rich source for lesson plans?

Do you “Pin?” Early childhood preservice teachers on the NSTA Learning Center forums are recommending Pinterest as a source for lesson plans and activities: “Dig into pinterest!!!! It has been my best friend as a student teacher this year!” How can educators looking for science explorations or science content knowledge find resources that are supported by […]

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Where Can I Find Inspiration for New Lesson Plans?

NSTA member Todd Hoover, who now teaches preservice science teachers, began his career as an elementary and middle-level science teacher. When starting out, he didn’t know about NSTA. “One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t become a member sooner,” he says. “I wish that I had joined NSTA when I was teaching K–12 […]

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How Can I Turn NSTA Resources into an E-Textbook for my College Classroom?

Before becoming an adjunct professor at Florida International University (FIU), NSTA member Kathleen Sparrow was the science supervisor for Akron Public Schools in Ohio. As a science supervisor, she used NSTA journal articles to provide professional development support to her teachers. A few years ago, Sparrow became an NSTA online adviser and loved how the […]

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Center Your Learning in the NSTA Learning Center

Are you looking for a professional learning community specifically for K-16 science teachers? The NSTA Learning Center is stocked with resources, customized lesson plans, and community forums, and will change the ways you access and leverage professional learning. Research suggests that professional learning for science educators should be an ongoing, continuous endeavor taking anywhere from […]

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How Can I Keep Up with Changes to Standards?

When NSTA member Tina Harris found out that her state’s science standards were going to change the following year, she knew she needed help. As part of the changes, her state required that teachers cover weather and climate in the eighth grade, rather than in the sixth grade. Tina, who at the time was teaching […]

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Classroom Science: Finding the Right Balance Between Supervision and Curious Experimentation

A recent Huffington Post article (Kiera Wilmot, 16, Arrested And Expelled For Explosive ‘Science Experiment’) has drawn quite a bit of attention from our readers. And it certainly got our attention as well. The National Science Teachers Association promotes excellence and innovation in science teaching for all, and we value the need for supervision and […]

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Preparing for the Praxis

I’m an elementary teacher and I’m thinking of taking the Praxis test to be certified to teach science in middle school. It has been many years since I was in high school and college, and I only took the basic science classes. Could you suggest resources to help me prepare for the test? —Twyla, Mississippi […]

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Find support and share resources at the Learning Center

As I was packing up materials and readying the classrooms for summer storage I reflected back over the year and thought about the next. Developing an on-going inquiry (or overlapping inquiries because more than one class uses the space at this school) is foremost in my mind. I want to find some resources to share […]

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