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Rolling from Inquiry into Engineering Design

Guest blogger Jill Jensen began her 24th year as a science educator this fall. For the past twelve years she has been an Inquiry, Design, Engineering, Art & Science (IDEAS) Coach at Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science in Eagan, MN. Her current role allows her to partner with classroom teachers to extend […]

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Interactive science notebooks

Teachers often have questions about interactive science notebooks, especially at the secondary level. Mary Morgan, a high school science teacher from Belton High School in Belton, Texas, shares her experiences (These ideas refer to traditional formats. Ms Morgan will share her thoughts on electronic notebooks in a future blog.) Ms. Mentor: How are interactive science […]

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Science for all

There’s been a lot of activity in the social media sites about the relevance of professional development. Some of the best PD I had came from working informally with special education teachers. I had students with special needs in my classes and my colleagues helped me come to the same conclusions as the SS Editor: […]

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Connecting with families over the summer

At the end of the school year I gave each preschool student’s family (about 58 of them) a note and a self-addressed stamped envelope in the hopes that they would write to me to let me know about any explorations their child experiences over the summer. Any exploration—deconstructing chalk on the driveway, blowing bubbles on […]

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Taking the P out of PC?

Astoria High School in Astoria, Oregon just became an experiment in the future of student computing. The tech company Google just put an experimental laptop into the hands every one of the school’s 700 students. Beyond the usual one-to-one initiative is the fact that the particular laptop, named the Cr-48, is not a regular laptop, but more a cross between a laptop and a mobile internet device.

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Science notebooks

Several years ago at an NSTA conference, I attended several sessions on science notebooks. I always required my students to keep (and use) a science notebook, but these sessions had some different extensions and variations that made me an even bigger fan. So I was really interested to see an entire issue devoted to this […]

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What free time?

After the last session today was over at 6:00 PM, I went out for dinner.  I didn’t try to eavesdrop on the nearby table, but when I heard science notebook, nature study, and rubric, I knew I was sitting near some teachers. They were from Montgomery County, Maryland, and an earlier session had them so […]

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Recording in a journal—video clips model using a science journal

Not having any “kids” at home these days, I have to make a special effort to learn about the programs my preschool students are watching on television. I like to know the opening songs so I can impress the children! After spending some time on the Sid the Science Kid site I found these activities […]

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Science notebooks

I’ve heard about “interactive” science notebooks. I would like to use them with my classes, but I think I need to learn more about them before I start. —Randall, Columbus, Ohio For many teachers, the word “notebook” conjures up a traditional folder or binder to hold lab reports, homework, class handouts and notes, tests and […]

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Science notebooks

For many teachers, the word “notebook” conjures up an image of a folder or binder in which students attach lab reports, homework, class handouts and notes, tests and quizzes, and/or completed worksheets. The students are given a list of required documents and the required order in which they should appear in the notebook. The notebooks […]

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