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NSTA’s K–12 Science Education Journals: December 2014 Issues Online

The titles of this month’s journal articles from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) are so fun, you may just feel like you’re getting an early holiday present when you read them: “Elephant Trunks and Dolphin Tails,” “Cinderella Separates a Mixture,” “Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold,” and “An Engineer Does What Now?” But these […]

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NSTA’s K–College Science Education Journals: November 2014 Issues Online

Cause and effect, solutions to problems, analyzing and interpreting data, and quantitative reasoning… these are the subjects science teachers are writing about in this month’s K-College journals from NSTA. The November issues are online, in members’ mailboxes, and ready to inspire teachers! Science and Children No matter the age at which you introduce cause and […]

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Learn to engage students in scientific argumentation

In his popular workshops at last week’s NSTA conference in Orlando, Victor Sampson presented tips and strategies for engaging students in scientific argumentation, a key practice of science that helps students master content while they write about and discuss claims and evidence. This month’s Book Beat features classroom activities designed to foster students’ ability to […]

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New from NSTA: Quick Reference Guides to the Next Generation Science Standards

In focus groups, science teachers tell NSTA staff members that time is their biggest challenge. We hear that again and again, and we listen! Many science educators are excited about the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and have begun to implement them in their schools and districts. We hear from many members of our network […]

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Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards: How Your Classroom Is Framed Is as Important as What You Do in It

As humans, we are driven to explore and explain our surroundings; we wonder about the things we see and try to figure out how and why they appear the way they do and what some of the underlying mechanisms might be that drive what we see in the world. At its core, science is a […]

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Science Education Evolving: NSTA’s Plan for Supporting Science Educators and Working Toward a More Scientifically Literate Future

A clear vision supported by specific plans is critical to the success of any organization. The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) has the dual responsibility of furthering the important mission of promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all while also maintaining viability. For this reason, we recently updated our strategic vision […]

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Crosscutting Concepts in NSTA Journals

The more I learn about NGSS, the more I’m intrigued by the crosscutting concepts. These concepts are the big ideas that transcend and connect the core ideas and processes within and in between traditional subject areas. This month’s Science & Children has a guest editorial on the topic that is a must-read for teachers of […]

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Engaging in the Art of Teaching With the Next Generation Science Standards

For the past 15 months, a four-letter acronym has been on the tip of science educators’ tongues: NGSS, the Next Generation Science Standards. Whether you personally are or your state board of education is “in favor of,” or “opposed to,” or you are simply “engaged with” the NGSS, there is no doubt that their release […]

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NGSS and 21st century tools and skills

One of the perks of being an NSTA member is having access to all of the journals online. Regardless of the grade level you teach, the journals have ideas for authentic activities and investigations that can be used, adapted, or extended for different levels of student interest and experience. In NSTA’s September K-12 journals, the […]

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Kindergarten teachers–webinar for you on Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just a quick post to alert you to the National Science Teachers Association webinar, Teaching NGSS in Elementary School—Kindergarten, for Kindergarten teachers, underwritten by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Increase your understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards with kindergartners in mind. Just 90 minutes–see additional information below. Click here to see the entire series for all grades. […]

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