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Vision and Leadership

I have applied to multiple teaching programs for my time after college, but I’m worried that I look too young to be taken seriously as a teacher. How do you gain the respect of students who may not be much younger than you? —D., California If you are thinking of teaching at the elementary or middle […]

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What did you learn today, teacher?

I’m teaching a science methods class. I’d like to know: What was the most important thing you learned in your undergrad science methods classes? What do you wish you had known about science teaching that you didn’t learn in undergrad? – L., Illinois   This post to an NSTA e-mail list produced excellent responses and […]

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Ideas for must-have strategies

I’m mentoring two new science teachers this year, and I want to focus on must-have strategies and effective practices for science. I’m sure they will have their own needs, but, based on your experience, what would be important to include in a plan for them? —Chris, Baltimore, Maryland Your new teachers are fortunate to have […]

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Calming the interview butterflies

I’m finalizing my student teaching, which has been a good experience. I’m excited about teaching science, but I’m not excited about interviewing for jobs. Will the school ask anything about the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? Do you have any suggestions to help me interview successfully? What can I do to calm the butterflies? —Steve, […]

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From new teacher to colleague

I’m a new teacher fresh out of college, and I took a job as a chemistry teacher in a different state. I had a good student teaching experience, so I’m okay with the students and the curriculum and I love the area, but as a newbie I feel isolated from the other teachers who already […]

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Preparing for your first teaching job

I’m finishing my student teaching and looking forward to getting a job as a high school physics teacher after I graduate. How can I prepare for my first job, even before I get one? —Carl, Denver, Colorado You certainly are looking ahead! You’ll have many challenges as a first-year teacher, so being as prepared as […]

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