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Dance of the planets

All you earlybirds out there are in for a treat this month if you look eastward just before dawn (and the weather is clear).  Four planets will be engaged in a slow-motion dance, aligning themselves differently day by day in a tight segment of the sky. NASA has created a nice video describing the phenomenon:

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25 years ago

Each January, NASA’s Day of Remembrance honors the crew members of Apollo 1, space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, and others who have given their lives in the cause of exploration. This event is especially poignant today, the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. News and social media sites today are full of people’s thougts of […]

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Shell science seminar

OK, I’ve been to a number of sessions on topics that I’m familiar with. It’s time to stretch my mind and venture into unfamiliar territory to learn something new. Dr. Gibor Basri from Berkeley gave a presentation on The Search for Earth-Sized Planets Around Other Stars. He described NASA’s Kepler mission, designed to search for earth-like […]

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Barbara Morgan—part 2

Lynn here. I attended the general session this morning as well. I found Barbara’s speech particularly inspirational. As folks were leaving the ballroom, she announced she had a special presentation to make. She presented NSTA with momentos from her August flight aboard Endeavour—including a Christa McAuliffe flight patch. I was in high school at the time […]

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Barbara Morgan—exploring space through a teacher’s eyes

Barbara Morgan was a featured speaker today, and it was a real thrill to see her in person. She described her Space Shuttle mission with slides and videos, a wonderful sense of humor, and a real pride in being an educator. As I listened to her describe what makes a NASA mission successful, several words […]

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