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What’s My Motivation?

How do I motivate students who don’t want to do anything at all? — B., Utah If you ever solve this, you’ll be up for a Nobel Prize! There is no sure-fire method that will motivate every student. So, use several methods. You can engage students’ interest in the content you are teaching by having […]

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The Wow Factor

What are some activities that I can plan for the next school-year of science with that will excite my students for the lessons to come? — C., Arkansas   There are a host of demonstrations and hands-on activities that can impress a class and start off the year with a real rush! Try conducting quick […]

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Getting the Ball Rolling

What are some of the best ways to start and facilitate a class discussion about science topics? – B., Arkansas I have used many different ways to get science discussions going. I think the key is to either “wow” them or provide them with some structure to get the ball rolling. If you have a […]

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Science Fair Blues

My school requires science fairs for all ninth graders. How do you encourage students to ask questions that don’t just come from books or websites?  – L., Massachusetts   I think the objective of a science fair is to learn about the nature of science by designing and conducting experiments in a scientific manner and […]

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Motivation and comfort zones

I’ve noticed my students don’t seem to have a lot of motivation in science class. They are sometimes afraid they’ll make mistakes, and they’re often reluctant to try something new. What can I do to encourage more student engagement in learning? —Donna, Wilmington, Delaware At an inservice workshop I attended, teachers were discussing how their […]

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Motivating and engaging students

“The most engaging tool of all is an enthusiastic teacher who provides high, clear expectations and connects with students on a personal level. Good teaching is good teaching, even today.” This quote from the Editor’s Corner sums up what has always been true, regardless of the current distractions and free-time options that students have. Who […]

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It seems like it’s getting harder to motivate students. What can we do? — Roseanna, Beaverton, Oregon I’ve found we cannot motivate others; motivation comes from within the individual. We can threaten, cajole, plead, or reward students into doing what we want, but the ultimate decision on how much to participate is made by the […]

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