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The Vernier Motion Encoder System: Motion Encoding Made Personal

The Vernier Motion Encoder System marks a significant shift in the science teacher’s ability to transition between the conceptual, formula-based physics of motion to the “real world” application of those concepts and formulas—and here’s the big news—without the need for disclaimers explaining away anomalous data, inconsistent graphs, and the general background noise of low resolution […]

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Joys of summer

Children play year-round but some media for play is more easily used in summer. Some recent play that I’ve observed: Observing the motion of wood chip mulch as it is shaken back and forth on a spring rider.                 Using tools to move water and observe its flow.   […]

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Move it! Motion and forces

The topic of motion and forces would be in my Top 10 list of topics in which students benefit from hands-on investigations, simulations, and videos. Students of any age (K–12 and even college) enjoy rolling, sliding, dropping, and flying things. It’s one thing to focus on mathematical formulas in physics (as my college physics courses […]

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Feeling vibrations

“Kazoo” is a cool word and playing one is an easy way to ‘feel’ sound. Kids think so too, judging from the comments I hear from parents the day after their children bring home the kazoos they made in school. Here’s one: “My daughter took out the special “thing” she made when we got home […]

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Using tools to move water: observing children’s creative problem solving

I’m looking for ideas on how children can move water in different ways outdoors when the weather warms up. Ideally we’d have a shallow, slow-moving stream of pristine water nearby…. Indoor water exploration, in small amounts in containers, develops problem-solving skills in children. They think it is wonderful to move water from one container to […]

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