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Growing a Turnip and Growing Professionally: Resources at every step of the way

Resources that support early childhood science learning may be ideas or lesson plans for specific investigations by children, or be information for educators about children’s learning progressions, research into how children learn, science content information for adults, or an extensive analysis of the state of early science education.  Where do you get the support you […]

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Noticing natural phenomena

This week friends who live on opposite sides of the country messaged me to go look at the Moon and a bright “star” in the southern skies, the planet Venus. The Geminid meteor shower is also happening but the urban light pollution in my area plus the full Moon makes seeing a meteor unlikely. Still I […]

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A Taste of Augmented Reality

Using the iPad app called StarWalk for augmented reality.

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Moon and the Earth and the Sun, and more

Happy New Year! This year I look forward to more conversation in the early childhood community about science education. The January 2012 Early Years column adapts an activity about making craters from Marie Faust Evitt’s book, Thinking BIG, Learning BIG. Craters on the Moon are visible without a telescope, even in daytime, a time when teachers […]

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Several years ago, I did a series of workshops entitled “What’s in Your Assessment Toolkit?” so I appreciated both the cover and the theme of this month’s issue of Science Scope. Whatever vocabulary we use (assessment, test, exam, etc) the purpose, according to the editor, is the same: to determine what students know before a […]

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Autumn bits and pieces

Yesterday afternoon was one of those beautiful fall days here in the Northeast—clear blue skies, low humidity, a cool breeze, and leaves starting to change color. So what was I doing? I was logged in to a webinar that was a joint presentation by NSTA and ISTE: Planning for Technology Integration in the Science Classroom […]

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A student mission to the Moon

This session prepared us to lead a one-week unit in which  students take a “journey” to the Moon. Facilitators Tara Clopper and Heather Slatoff led us in hands-on activities, including designing our own mission patches. One perk with this session—a free CD containing the whole unit, including video clips. In the photo above, teachers examine Tara Clopper’s […]

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