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Using SciLinks

At the NSTA conference in Minneapolis, last week, I asked a number of teachers how they use SciLinks. Here’s Fran Weber’s response via Teacher Tube. How do you use SciLinks? What could we do to make it better? Please let us know via comment to this post, or zip me a note—tbrown@nsta.org.

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Bill Robertson helps one teacher explain “why”

When I was in Minneapolis last week, I ran into Patrine Turnbloom just outside the exhibit hall. Patrine recently changed grades, and she wanted some help with a few content areas, so she could explain the “why” behind certain concepts. Here are her thoughts on how Bill Robertson’s books help her do that (via Teacher Tube).

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Science Matters to Minnesota!

What does SciGirls, Bonsais, wind turbines, pasta bridges have in common? They all are aspects of the science rich community of Minneapolis, MN. The first Science Matters community event was held on Saturday morning for elementary science teachers and parents. It was a great success. There were 200 + people, stations to do science, lots […]

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Urban science educators share strategies

October 30—It is Friday but I must tell you about the Urban Science Education Leaders (USEL) event.  It was very exciting! Why? The participants were so engaging and really were looking for information and answers and just wanted to learn and see more.  They began with the chair of the Urban Science Education Leaders presentation.  Dr. Bobby […]

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Dark matter, dark socks

Seeing might be believing, but sometimes it’s what can’t be seen that’s most interesting. Since the 1930s, researchers have theorized that dark matter—which can’t be perceived by our eyes—is responsible for anomalies in the rotation of galaxies and other phenomena. Maybe it can account for socks vanishing from the dryer, or would that be a […]

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Great science in urban middle schools

If you’re an administrator in an urban middle school, come to the NSTA Conference in Minneapolis. You can spend a day with a group of dedicated urban science educators—the Urban Science Education Leaders (USEL)—who are working to change the way science is taught in urban schools. One neat thing about this workshop is it includes […]

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Science is a breeze

The average wind speed in Minneapolis is 10 miles per hour (mph), equal to the Windy City of Chicago, according to worldfactsandfigures.com. While that makes Minneapolis a less-than-ideal location for a wind turbine, it is still good setting for a wind turbine workshop! Michael Arquin of the KidWind Project will offer his insight into a […]

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Richard Louv on returning nature to the classroom

By now many of you surely have heard of Richard Louv and his book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. I looked at his blog, Field Notes From the Future, to see what he has to say lately. He reports the nonprofit Children & Nature Network, which he chairs, “has […]

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Restaurants, theaters, and sights to see in Minneapolis

Jean Tushie offers a few tips on things to see, do, and eat in Minneapolis: Each day of the NSTA conference, it’s over by 5:00 PM.  On Thursday night, as part of the conference, there is a social event featuring the Physics. But at 6-7:00 PM, the night is yet young!  This is so true, […]

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Background on the Minneapolis conference program

Recently, we asked Jean Tushie for a little insight into how her committee settled on the theme and strands for the Minneapolis conference: It’s absolutely amazing how early the planning for a NSTA Area Conference begins. We started our process in the summer of 2008.  After the conference chairs were named, we met to determine our […]

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