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I am hoping to have “word walls” in my classroom for subject areas. What would be some beneficial words no matter the age level for the science classroom?  — H., Iowa Great idea! I have always maintained that teaching science is also like teaching a new language to students. Working on vocabulary to use when communicating […]

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Finding 3-Dimensional Inspiration

With adoption and subsequent implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards in my state (Rhode Island was first to adopt- gulp!), I have taken the last few years to shift to three dimensional lessons that focus on conceptual learning. As I have gathered nuggets of information to help me with the transition in my own […]

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What Are the National Academies and How Can You Use Them to Transform Your Teaching?

During Recognition Week for the 2006 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, awardees gathered in a Washington, DC, hotel for a federal agencies breakfast.  While all 10 agencies present that morning provided awardees with an overview of their educational programs and outreach opportunities, it was The National Academies’ information that especially appealed […]

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What Can NSTA Do for You This New School Year?

Turning the calendar to the month of August signifies the excitement of another school year. Early on in my teaching career, a colleague jokingly stated when the date stamped on the breakfast orange juice container read August 15 it was a reminder that a new class of students was on the horizon. Over this summer, […]

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Place-Based Learning in Middle School: Putting Scientific Principles to Work in your Community

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” -John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra, 1911. We hope that you are enjoying your summer!  As teachers, we realize that your mind is never far from your classroom, even if your body is lounging […]

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Science Scope: Don’t Teach Tweens Science Without It!

NSTA recognizes the key role that middle school science educators play through Science Scope, a peer-reviewed journal published nine times during the year. If you are like me, you eagerly anticipate the arrival of the latest Science Scope issue. Its presence in your mailbox is like a breath of fresh air, harkening you to try […]

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Recommendations for Science-Focused Additions to a Middle School Reading List

Question of the Week on the Middle Level List Serve “I’d really like to encourage my middle school (6-8) students to read more science literature for more robust discussions. In class, I have provided articles and short reading passages from various resources but 40 minutes a class isn’t enough, especially with lectures and labs. I’d […]

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You Won’t See This List on Buzzfeed: Events for Middle School Teachers at NSTA’s National Conference

If you teach middle school science, you need to be in Nashville for the NSTA National Conference on Science Education, March 31–April 3. You’ll be with thousands of your fellow teachers for the week and take home tried-and-true strategies for everything from creating maker spaces to breaking down lessons for diverse communities of learners. There […]

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Do You Have Adequate Time to Teach Science in Middle School?

“I have all the time I need to teach my science content and processes,” said no teacher, ever! When I was an elementary teacher, I often felt pressured to spend more time on math and reading than on science because, after all, those were the subjects tested most often by the state. So, I did […]

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Middle School Science Teachers Making a Difference at NSTA

As head of the middle level division at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), one of my goals is to communicate more with middle level science teachers. So, we’re launching a blog, which I hope will enable even more grade 5-8 teachers to contribute to and learn from NSTA. The refined focus at this level […]

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