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Resources about technology use in early childhood education

The NAEYC Technology and Young Children Interest Forum has put together many resources for early childhood educators looking for guidance on what, when and how to use the broad range of digital and analog devices we have or are considering using in our programs. These resources supplement the joint position statement by NAEYC and Fred […]

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Young children using microscopes to see more

Magnifiers and microscopes can reveal small details that children otherwise might not notice. I would love to have a digital microscope in the classroom so children could really see the head of an insect such as a butterfly. No happy face, no smile, no eyes with pupils and eyelashes but many other interesting structures —setae (hair), […]

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Authentic experiences in microscopy

OK—you’ve seen the adventures that students have to explore living things, but you don’t have the funds for a field trip and your school is not close to a park or other greenspace.  What to do?? Or, you’d like to have your students get some experience with microscopy, but the ones in your school are […]

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