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Science of golf: handicap

Although golf is a game that is often thought of as elitist, it has many egalitarian aspects, such as the handicapping system! Find out more about it in Science of Golf: Handicap Index. Haven’t been golfing long? Or, like me, enjoy walking the course but don’t take time to practice? No problem in this sport. […]

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The future is here

In addition to NSTA publications, I read many others related to science and education, both in print and online. I usually scan the pages and images, focusing on articles of interest. However, the May 2013 issue of Smithsonian was so compelling, I had to read it cover to cover! The theme was “The Future Is […]

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When early childhood activities integrate math, science and engineering

Sometimes activities engage children in overlappings mathematics, science, and engineering learning. Check out Kassia Wedekind’s discussion of how she uses math centers in her kindergarten classroom. The discussions she holds with students are central to her planning. I had some questions and maybe you will too. Peggy  

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Picture-perfect elementary STEM

This morning in New Orleans, as part of the Urban Science Education Leadership (USEL) session, presenters from the Baltimore City Public Schools described their district’s Elementary STEM Teacher Clinic and how it transformed the teachers who participated in it.

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Not your typical science fair

The Inventions Convention at Crosby Middle School is the climax of a three-month unit that takes sixth graders through the process of creating an invention while showing them the real-world aspects of science, math, reading, and writing.

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Are your high school students WORTHY?

Know a freshman or sophomore majoring in physics, engineering, computer science, or math who has a solid 3.0 GPA? Northrop Grumman’s WORTHY program has much to offer him or her.

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Cotton candy, roller coasters, and STEM

Have you ever taken your students to STEM education events at an amusement park?

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Learning from the experience of others

As the revision of the national science education standards gets started, many educators, administrators, parents, and other community members will be concerned not just the final product, but how the final product will be decided. Henry Kepner, Jr., president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, shared his observations from the development of the […]

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Spend a little, gain a lot

I revisited a popular session held last year in New Orleans to see who showed up this year.

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Creating tomorrow’s STEM workforce

In the 21st century, our country will have “so many things we need that we don’t have a workforce for,” said Garland Thompson during his Shell Science Seminar “Talent Knows No Color Line.” He says “we need to train up a new crew to do that work.”

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