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The Pasco Wireless Light Sensor: See the Light. And Measure it too.

Within an understated white plastic box is found a dynamic and versatile sensor that effectively measures many forms of light, and gives the science class a peek into how we learn about the universe we live in. Yes, the Pasco Wireless Light Sensor could easily go unnoticed in the science room’s box of technology. It […]

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Eclipse report from preschool

While some elementary, middle, and high schools required all students to remain indoors with window blinds drawn so no light could enter during the August 21 solar eclipse, other schools planned science experiences to safely view the solar eclipse and at least one district secured “eclipse glasses” for all students and staff and had over […]

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Shadow formation and natural or electric light

At mid-December the children’s morning shadows are recognizably long. Over time, through repeated observations made formally or just in casual comments, children begin to notice that the position of the sun in the sky changes during the day. Kindergartners may notice that the sun also changes position during the year, depending on how often they […]

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When young children use magnifiers

I brought magnifiers into the twos classroom today as a tool for looking at dead insects (and a few other invertebrates) and butterfly eggs on collard plants. The children have used magnifiers many times before but they are always intrigued, and maybe even a little surprised, when things “get bigger”. One child asked why the […]

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