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Incorporating engineering into lifesciences

What are some good activities and lessons to incorporate engineering into biology/life science? – K., Connecticut There are several websites that will give you lesson plans to incorporate engineering into all topics in science. Search the NSTA Learning Center (https://learningcenter.nsta.org) for ideas and check my collection which you may find useful: https://goo.gl/6TrTHk . The possible […]

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Argument-Driven Inquiry in Life Science

In the new NSTA Press book Argument-Driven Inquiry in Life Science: Lab Investigations for Grades 6-8, 20 lab activities present an innovative approach to lab instruction called argument-driven inquiry (ADI). Use of these labs can help teachers align their instruction with current recommendations for making life science more meaningful for students and more effective for […]

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Materials, safety, life science–Resources in “Science and Children”

 Children I work with on a weekly basis have been exploring different types of materials as they work with them. Painting with thick or thin consistency paint (see the March 2015 Early Years column), running their hands through a pile of small stones before sending them through a tube, working with ceramic clay formulated for children’s […]

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Planning to teach about life cycles?

There is something about the changes in the natural world due to seasonal changes in spring time that inspire us to talk about baby plants, baby birds, and baby anything. During a warm spell in January I was inspired to refurbish the garden box on the playground with some new potting soil and have all […]

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Early childhood teachers respond to request for resources on Earth and Life Science

Do you have resources for early childhood teachers who are struggling to teach earth science or life science concepts? Especially for teachers who understand that young children need to be physically involved with their learning but not simply making a craft project to take home? Teachers who responded to this NSTA members’ email list request […]

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Outdoor Science

The melting snow piles outside NSTA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, provide daily reminders of the D.C. area’s record 2010 snowfall (locally dubbed Snowmageddon).  Like many teachers in other parts of the country, we’re watching for green shoots and planning for spring. What better way to spend the remaining days of winter than planning how to […]

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Curriculum resources

It’s summer and maybe some of us are involved in writing/revising the science curriculum for our schools. Rather than just creating a laundry list of topics to be “covered” based on a textbook table of contents, you might be looking for some resources that combine content with inquiry processes, that are a comprehensive set of […]

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