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Web 4.0: ready or not, here it is

Experts say we are now in the Web 4.0 environment (where meaning can be created by the majority; web participation is a necessity; etc.). According to Yahoo! Finance, we’ll be able to purchase the first Web 4.0 tablet on or about March 15th. This isn’t science fiction; it’s here, and it sounds incredible. According to […]

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Need a source? Cite yourself.

A fourth grade student was given a lengthy assignment that required much Internet “research.”  I put the word research in quotes since the word was used, but not necessarily in the spirit of its traditional meaning let alone its direct implications in science. The student spent many hours searching Internet sites for the various facts necessary […]

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Taking the P out of PC?

Astoria High School in Astoria, Oregon just became an experiment in the future of student computing. The tech company Google just put an experimental laptop into the hands every one of the school’s 700 students. Beyond the usual one-to-one initiative is the fact that the particular laptop, named the Cr-48, is not a regular laptop, but more a cross between a laptop and a mobile internet device.

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