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International Comparisons – Should We Pay Attention or Not? What Are Your Thoughts?

According to the Key Results of the PISA study which was recently released, “PISA assesses the extent to which 15-year-old students have acquired key knowledge and skills that are essential for full participation in modern societies. The assessment, which focuses on reading, mathematics, science and problem-solving, does not just ascertain whether students can reproduce what […]

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Russian Meteor Fertile Ground for High Tech Exploration…On Your Classroom Computer

The fall of what is unofficially named the Chelyabinsk Meteor (soon to be meteorite) has produced a staggering number of videos. Whether police dashboard camera, cell phone, ATM camera, traffic camera, parking lot, or just one of hundreds of security cameras, clear video of the event from multiple perspectives, angles, and capture methods has packed YouTube […]

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NSTA Professional Development Trip: Part IV

Exploring the Canals around Tortuguera NSTA Costa Rica Trip Day 3 July 26, 2012 (posted on behalf of Greg Neff) We departed Evergreen lodge at 8:30 am in a boat to explore the canals connecting three rivers in the Tortuguero area. Took a 2 1/2 hour trip through the canals. We observed and identified 31 different […]

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NSTA Professional Development Trip: Part II

Turtle Data Collection (posted on behalf of Greg Neff) July 24 PM On a very rainy afternoon, we visited the town of Tortuguero, being sure to equip ourselves with rain gear and take in some of the culture of this isolated community, yet dependent on tourism. We attended a presentation on the history of the […]

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Dedicated teachers willing to go the distance

I talk to teachers from all over the country during the national conference and am no longer surprised to find some who have traveled from distance corners of the nation. There also usually an international group. But once in a while, I’ll meet a teacher like Elizabeth who attends the conference despite the fact that she […]

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The brains behind Watson

Whenever we talk about preparing kids for the future, we usually include collaboration and teamwork as a valuable skill. Our students also need to realize that science is not conducted by individuals in isolation. Successful scientists and engineers must be able to work effectively with people from different perspectives and backgrounds. In fact, this diversity […]

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NSTA responds to PISA results

NSTA has released the following statement regarding the results of the 2009 Program for International Student Assessment Report (PISA): The National Science Teachers Association is cautiously optimistic and somewhat surprised in the results for Science in the PISA Report. We are cautiously optimistic in that average science scores are up from 2006; however, this growth […]

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Shanghai video diary

William D. Greene of West Virginia participated in the recent Sino-US Science and Education Forum and has posted this video: Click on the tag below to see more blog posts on this subject.

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A not-so-simple question

With the NSTA delegation to the Sino–US Science and Education Forum back in the U.S., I am sure each member will be asked what I have been asked several times since returning home. “How was China?” This may seem to be a simple question. China is a place of contrasts: the new and the old […]

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Homeward bound

Dr. Christine Royce muses about “time travel” and her recent experiences at the Sino–US Science and Education Forum in Shanghai. Sunday, November 21, 2010 Well, it’s “Back to the Future.” Just as we had all come together in singles, forming groups of two or three, so did we disperse. Due to different flights, we met […]

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