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Five things you should put on your iPad Camera

The tablet computer like the iPad can be a magic box of inquiry. For instance, it has a camera, and in particular a front facing camera. Why that is important is because students can manipulate objects on the camera and collectively view the results. And of course you can, with the touch of a finger, […]

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Wrapping Up the Old Year, Preparing for the New Year

We’ve heard that after the school year ends, many teachers spend time catching up on NSTA Reports articles they didn’t have a chance to read thoroughly earlier. To help you make the most of this precious downtime, here’s a selection of 2011–2012 stories we think you’ll enjoy reading—or re-reading.

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Picture-perfect elementary STEM

This morning in New Orleans, as part of the Urban Science Education Leadership (USEL) session, presenters from the Baltimore City Public Schools described their district’s Elementary STEM Teacher Clinic and how it transformed the teachers who participated in it.

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Science Lessons From History

Find out how and why science educators around the country are integrating history in their science lessons to help students make connections to their world.

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A New Reason to Visit the Library

A California middle school teacher tells how seed-lending libraries can help integrate science into the curriculum.

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It all started with the zebrafish…

Zebrafish serve as the catalyst for integrating science across disciplines in this story from NSTA Reports.

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Cotton candy, roller coasters, and STEM

Have you ever taken your students to STEM education events at an amusement park?

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CSI Philadelphia

Full disclosure–NSTA got me hooked on the CSI programs. So when given a chance to attend a session called “The Dead T-Shirt Contest” that promised to enlighten us about teaching forensic science, I had to go there, of course.

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The scoop on science notebooks

I’ve been hearing a lot about science notebooks lately, so I went to the Education Development Center’s Pathway Session on Establishing Science Notebook Habits and Skills. It was interesting to hear each presenter’s unique take on the science notebook and see all of the student examples they displayed.

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All about animals

This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a Madagascar hissing beetle.

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