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What’s the word in science?

What are some of the best practices for teaching science vocabulary? —D., Florida Science has a language unto itself; it is not surprising that many students struggle with vocabulary much like English language learners (ELLs). Because of this, I used some ELL best practices to teach science to all my students. Early in my career, […]

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The Right Chemistry

Is there a way to engage those who struggle with chemistry and help them do well? — M., Utah     When asked to name their hardest class in high school, people often list pre-calculus math, physics or English Language Arts, but I always answered chemistry! For most of us, chemistry was taught on a […]

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Google Glass: A Lab on the End of your Nose

Over the summer I had the privilege of watching a 5th grader take Google Glass for a spin. The student was far faster at mastering the interface than I was, and also much more creative in his application of Google Glass. Google Glass is, well, I better let Wikipedia explain it: Google Glass (styled “GLΛSS”) is […]

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