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Teens Flock to Science Cafés

Science cafés are not just for adults anymore.

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Studying Science at the Zoo

Schools around the country are partnering with their local zoos to establish “zoo schools,” or classrooms at the zoo that enable teachers to incorporate zoo resources into their lessons.

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Teaching Science at a Museum Magnet School

Museums and school districts around the country have partnered to create museum magnet schools, which combine formal and informal learning. These schools offer some advantages for science classes. “Partner[ing] with The Discovery Museum and Planetarium lends itself to many opportunities exclusive to a ‘space’ museum,” says Janine Walsh, seventh- and eighth-grade science teacher at Interdistrict […]

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Science “home”work for interested students

I have several students this year who are really into science. I’d like to provide or suggest some elementary-level projects or activities that parents can do with them at home to encourage this interest. Do you have any ideas beyond book lists and activity sheets?    —M. from Maryland Your desire to foster student interest in […]

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Using STEM Clubs as a Catalyst for Change in K-12 Education: A Statewide Model

The growing abundance of research supporting the importance of incorporating increased Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) into schools, combined with the recently vocalized excitement in regard to STEM by high profile individuals appears to be having only minimal impact in our classrooms. This appears to be the case despite all of those who have […]

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Building Partnerships and Collaborations at the #NSTA14 Area Conference on Science Education in Richmond

A recent Education Week blog post touts the importance of cultivating curiosity in children. Science teachers do that every day, and one of the things NSTA members frequently do is share their ideas about how to nurture curiosity—not just in their students, but in themselves. This year, attendees of NSTA’s 2014 Richmond Area Conference on […]

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I wanna see some NATURE!

Last weekend, I did volunteer work at a county park nature center. Many people were taking advantage of the beautiful weather: walking the trails, birdwatching, biking, running, and picnicking. When a family came in to the building to see the displays, I said hello and asked if I could help them find something. The little […]

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Planning a field trip

Every spring, our fourth grade does a one-day field trip. The teacher who usually planned the event retired, and I was asked to take over. We’d like to visit a science-related venue this year, but I’ve never organized an event like this. —Isaiah, Bakersfield, California Field trips require a lot of planning and organization, but […]

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USA Festival of Science and Engineering 2010—just a fraction of what was there

I had a good time at the USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo in Washington, D.C. on October 23 and 24. I was really impressed with the large number of people attending—great diversity of age, sex, ethnicity, race, language, families and individuals. I saw one of my neighbors there, a young mom with 3 kids and […]

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A peek at Informal Science Day

NSTA Informal Science Day offered a wide variety of networking opportunities and presentations. From noon to 2, attendees had a chance to have lunch while listening to Andrew Shouse and Philip Bell and their colleagues from the National Research Council address the topic How Students Learn Science When They Are Not in School. Bell and Shouse […]

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