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Ignite The Spark of Curious Minds

With hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas, I found myself in the Johnson Ice Rink on the MIT campus. I was there to be a mentor for the, IBM and other companies sponsored, 2018 HackMIT event. I was looking at more than 1,000 hackers from different schools around the globe that were actively brainstorming […]

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Is Watson a verb?

I’ve never felt inferior because I use a calculator, nor when I supplement my travel memory with a digital camera. Or even when I ignore the myriad of squiggly red lines underlining the words as I type this. My GPS guides me. My calendar beeps when its time. And my music plays whether I’m listening […]

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The brains behind Watson

Whenever we talk about preparing kids for the future, we usually include collaboration and teamwork as a valuable skill. Our students also need to realize that science is not conducted by individuals in isolation. Successful scientists and engineers must be able to work effectively with people from different perspectives and backgrounds. In fact, this diversity […]

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Hey Watson! My dog is smarter than your phone.

It’s amazing how we put such faith into a computer where we risk national-make that global scrutiny as it preforms tasks autonomously that carry immense scientific and philosophical weight. Let’s listen in for a moment… [Watson] I’ll take Valentine’s Day Computers for $1000. [Alex] The computer in question, sports a RAD6000 central processing 32-bit unit […]

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The genius of Watson

“She’s afraid that if she leaves, she’ll become the life of the party.” —Groucho Marx What does this phrase mean? Is it funny? ? Don’t you have to be at the party in order to be the life of it? Why would someone be afraid to be the life of a party? Is she shy? […]

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Are teachers in Jeopardy?

The other night, I could hear my daughter in her room talking; well more like explaining what sounded like schoolwork. Rather than opening the door, I assumed she was recording her voice on her iPod, something she had done for years. This was understandable because not 15 minutes earlier I had pulled the plug on […]

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