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Finding Professional Balance

What can we do to better support our teachers in ways such as development to help decrease the burnout rate? —I., Connecticut Teacher burnout is a world-wide phenomenon. My predecessor, Mary Bigelow, addressed this issue a couple of years ago (https://goo.gl/PS4HWJ) but it merits continued discussion. I’ve maintained that strategies for avoiding or mitigating burnout […]

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Health Wise: Be Prepared for Opioid Overdoses

In light of the national opioid epidemic, schools need to be prepared in case a student overdoses. Consider: In 2016, 4.8% of high school seniors reported using opioids for nonmedical reasons (NIDA 2017c). From 2002 to 2015, annual opioid-related deaths grew 2.8-fold to 33,091, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA 2017a). More than […]

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Health Wise: If Students Injure Their Heads

In a recent anonymous online survey, KidsHealth.org (KH 2015) asked parents and coaches what they should do if a child takes a hit to the head on a playing field. The correct answer—according to numerous health associations and laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia—is that the child should immediately stop playing […]

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Addressing concerns about activity and healthy eating

What could be more fun that creating art while being physically active? An upcoming book by MaryAnn Kohl and Barbara Zaboroski shows how to do just that in ways that encourage children to make choices and control art medium in active ways. I had a sneak preview of Action ART: Hands-on active art adventure and […]

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Health and the human body

This month’s issue has a theme that is appealing to most middle school students – the human body. The article Choice, Control, and Change has a SciLinks, code for “Investigate good health” SS110701. This leads to a list of sites related to health issues such as obesity, vaccines, diet, and dental health. But if you […]

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