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Identifying rocks

I attended an event where we cleaned out the science warehouse for our school system. I got a lot of great stuff for my elementary science classes, including a box of rock and mineral samples that have little stickers with letters or numbers. I’m sure at some point there was a key that told what […]

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Earth science topics that grab students’ interest

From news that scientists have discovered the biggest black holes yet to dramatic video footage of volcanic eruptions, the new information science gleans about Earth and space grabs students’ attention. To help teachers capitalize on student curiosity and interest in Earth science, NSTA Press recently launched updated editions of the popular Project Earth Science Series […]

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200 feet, 15.6 million years

A town in which science is on display in the mass transit system is the perfect place for an NSTA conference. In Portland’s only underground station (70 meters under ground), there is a 200-foot long core sample contained in a glass tube, representing 15.6 million years of geological activity. Click on the picture above to […]

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