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A“Fair Test”

I’m starting to plan some formal assessments but, because it’s my first time, I’m not exactly sure if I’m creating a test correctly. Do you have any advice? —L., Nebraska The notion of a fair test is an important tenet in science and we strive to teach our students how to develop unbiased data collection for […]

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Nurture a love of learning in your science classroom

Book cover image for "What Are They Thinking?"

How can we cultivate a student’s (and a teacher’s!) natural love of learning and exploration amid so many demands in today’s schools? The recent article “When Success Leads to Failure” in The Atlantic by teacher–author Jessica Lahey drew our attention once again to the pressure students feel to test well and excel in their studies—perhaps […]

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Explore Outstanding Educational Resources: 2015 REVERE Awards Finalists

Each year, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) PreK–12 Learning Group reviews hundreds of educational resources to select the best of the best for the REVERE Awards. AAP has just announced the 2015 REVERE Awards Finalists, and NSTA is pleased to have 10 publications on the Finalists list. Congratulations to the authors of these publications […]

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Summer eating and learning about the needs of seeds

I am enjoying eating fresh blueberries every day—before that it was mangos. Neither of them grew in my neighborhood but I do have a large enough sliver of sunlight to grow herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme, fennel and oregano. At the preschool, children are harvesting cucumbers. Sarah Pounders writes about promoting fruits and vegetables […]

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Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy

I’m already a fan of the Uncovering Student Ideas series, but authors Page Keeley and Cary Sneider piqued my interest with the 45 new formative assessment probes in this latest volume, Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy. Trying to get a sense of how and what students think about a particular science concept is tricky. As […]

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Addressing misconceptions in science

A significant challenge that science teachers face is how to help students successfully navigate the bridge from their existing ideas about science concepts to scientifically accepted views. A teacher who uncovers students’ preconceptions about key concepts can use that knowledge to provide learning experiences that support students as they develop richer conceptual understanding. The March […]

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