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Planning a field trip

Every spring, our fourth grade does a one-day field trip. The teacher who usually planned the event retired, and I was asked to take over. We’d like to visit a science-related venue this year, but I’ve never organized an event like this. —Isaiah, Bakersfield, California Field trips require a lot of planning and organization, but […]

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Jellies and desserts

Only one more day until the start of the Baltimore conference, and I’m already hungry. I don’t think I’ll try the jellies, though. Here’s a quick post from Elizabeth McCook, one of the conference organizers: There are a variety of field trips and events being planned outside of the convention center to provide our conference […]

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Experience being outdoors in nature—how much do we need?

In preschool the lessons about environmental science can be about becoming familiar with and enjoying the environment through outdoor exploration and play, gardening, and fieldtrips, and noticing connections such as, roly-polies and slugs are usually found in cooler damp places and when the grass turns brown. Caring for the environment relates to what is within […]

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Looking for a little outdoors time in between sessions? If the beach doesn’t do it for you, a short trip up the coast to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park will. Smack dab in the city, this “oasis of tropical hammocks” features native and exotic plants, plus an opportunity to see mangroves. It is well worth […]

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The Sun also rises

Good morning teachers. Welcome to the second NSTA area conference of the fall season, this time in Ft Lauderdale. If you’re following along virtually, here’s a look at a morning sunrise from the beach along Atlantic Blvd (A1-A). Not that we’re boasting. We spent the rest of the day in an exhibit hall, no sun […]

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Phoenix earlybird deadline is October 23

If you’re a science educator or administrator, NSTA’s Conference on Science Education in Phoenix, scheduled for Dec. 3–5, is an event you won’t want to miss. With a new interest in science education to better prepare our children to compete in the global market, educators will need to pursue the best professional development to bolster content […]

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Exploring habitats

What an appropriate theme for the September issue! I’ve often wondered why field trips are usually scheduled in the spring when the fall is such a great time to be outdoors. And activities involving plants and animals are good ways to introduce students to scientific investigation and observation at the beginning of the year. These […]

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