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How to Host a Science Night

My middle school would like to host a science night for the district. Do you have any ideas? —S., Illinois Concentrate on activities that are safe. inexpensive, quick to set up and take down, and easy to clean up. Your students can learn a lot as the guides and demonstrators at the activities, while relieving […]

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USA Science and Engineering Festival 2012

The USA Science and Engineering Festival had something for everyone this weekend—information, experiences, fun and challenges for scientists young and old. I learned about the senses through the “Science of Our Senses” exhibit activities by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. By smelling, people can have different perceptions of the same compound, that […]

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Involving families in early childhood science education

An elementary school PTA veteran observed to me, “If you want families to come to school, serve food or have their child take part in a performance.” This advice goes for preschool too!  Serving food makes it easier for families to participate together and seeing their child in action gives families what might be a […]

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Family science: ideas and resources for activities

Towards the end of the school year we often think of resources we can share with families to use over the summer. I like to describe my favorite outdoor areas to explore with young children with tips for what to take to make the experience last longer (snacks and hats) and be safe (know what […]

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