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Where else, indeed?

I have to echo Mary’s post. Where else can you see robots roaming, penguins flapping, and educators making their own butterfly chrysalis necklaces? Not to mention electric hybrid cars, a sloth, and pi earrings? The exhibit hall is truly fascinating. (I’ve put more pictures from the exhibit hall up on Flikr, just search for NSTA 2011 […]

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So it’s your first NSTA conference …

…and you’re wondering what to bring, what not to bring, which sessions to attend, where to stay, and in general, how to enjoy and make the most of your time in Kansas City (or Baltimore or Nashville). Not to worry–you’ve got mentors.

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More teacher talk

I didn’t get a chance to post on Saturday all the conversations with educators in Philadelphia, so I’m catching up a bit now. “I had my 37th first day of school in August,” says Pamela O’Halloran, a middle school science teacher from  Tulsa, Oklahoma.  O’Halloran says she been attending  NSTA conferences “for years and years and […]

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Can’t wait for the exhibits!

Walking through the Exhibit Hall, watching it get set up, is exciting. Pretty soon the rafts of building materials, strings of lights, and yards of material will be booths displaying all sorts of incredible science-teaching resources. The NSTA Avenue will be ready for members, where they can learn about their benefits, meet the staff, and […]

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Conference request

My colleague and I are hoping to attend NSTA’s national conference this year, our first. The school has funds to cover some of the costs, but one of the school board members says conferences are just excuses to lounge around and play golf! What can we do to convince him otherwise? —Brianna, Wilmington, Delaware Hmm. […]

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Scenes from the Exhibit Hall

Trying out new equipment, browsing through print materials, chatting with vendors, or gathering freebies for the classroom – something for everyone in the Exhibit Hall!

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Something for everyone at the conference

As I’ve talked to attendees, everyone has been so excited. Regardless of position or experience level, they all seem to be learning how they can make science teaching better in their classroom and school. Here are just a few of the comments I’ve heard. — Lynn Petrinjak Veteran Teacher: I enjoyed the share-a-thon events, the […]

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You never know who you’ll see here

With thousands of people here, you’re certain to see someone you know. I ran into my grad school advisor, several people I had met before (virtually) on the NSTA listserves, and a vendor I had met in a previous life. I saw Bill Nye speedwalking through the lobby. And this lucky teacher is chatting with […]

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Thanks LSTA

The Louisiana Science Teachers Association has a welcome booth here, with friendly faces and suggestions for sightseeing and learning more about this great city and state. And on the Exhibit floor there is a booth with information on next year’s conference in Philadelphia. Mark your calendars for March 18-21, 2010.

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How is my substitute doing?

If you’re Blackberry-less like me and don’t want to tote your laptop around, there is a kiosk where you can check your email, update a blog, or contact your substitute. But, unlike Boston last year where the entire conference center was wireless, the Morial Center has a wireless hotspot in the Atrium food court. There […]

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