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From Viruses to Whales, Help Your Students Learn the Common Patterns of Evolution

What’s it like to study evolution as a scientist? That’s the question Judy Diamond, with the help of Carl Zimmer, E. Margaret Evans, Linda Allison, and Sarah Disbrow, set out to answer in writing Virus and the Whale: Exploring Evolution in Creatures Small and Large. The book issues an invitation to middle school students to […]

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ChronoZoom: A real OMG moment in time!

What would happen if you could dive in and out of any particular moment of time within a brilliantly conceived visual interface that marries Prezi with the universe? Well, I’m not sure, but I bet it would look something like ChronoZoom. I know it sounds silly or cliché but ChronoZoom (www.ChronoZoomproject.org) is really jaw dropping! […]

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Darwin’s week

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth (February 12), the Science Section of the New York Times (February 10, 2009) has several fascinating articles. Even if you don’t teach biology, they’re worth reading! Here are links and the descriptions from the Times: Darwin, Ahead of His Time, Is Still Influential. It is a […]

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Year of science 2009

As mentioned in NSTA Reports, the new year has been designated Year of Science 2009 The website has many suggestions for YoS events and ideas for building interest in science. January’s theme is the Process and Nature of Science. But get ready for February – February 12 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth with […]

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Evolution resources

I see that NSTA has just published the Tool Kit for Teaching Evolution by Judy Elgin Jensen. According to its description, Teaching evolution is part of the core biology curriculum, and this new resource provides a teacher-ready summary of the scientific, legal, and ethical talking points for discussion of the topic. Compiled by NSTA with […]

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Look out for the new Creationism

Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, told a packed room of educators that “it is their duty” to step in when they discover a colleague who is teaching creationist theory in a science classroom. Scott detailed the many ways creationists are continuing to denigrate evolution in the wake of the […]

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Talk about an interesting day in the age of electronic information! This afternoon in a listserv I belong to, I read about a report by the National Academy of Sciences on the teaching of evolution in the classroom. There were two news articles, but I wanted to read the primary source. On the opening page […]

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