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Solace in the Solstice? Shedding Light on the Nature of Science

The coming of autumn at 9:29 EDT last night (which I was pleased to see featured in today’s Google Doodle) serves as the perfect segue to a theme of mine as Executive Director of the National Science Teachers Association: We must teach students to understand that there are testable predictions about that physical world that […]

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An Enchanted Evening With Synchronous Fireflies

The flickering of fireflies has always been one of my favorite things about summer. This regular summer phenomenon always seemed extraordinary to me, so when I started the Next Time You See book series, fireflies were high on the list of topics I wanted to write about. As I researched the book, my fascination with […]

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The “green” classroom

Each issue of The Science Teacher, NSTA’s high school journal, features the column The Green Room, with background information, classroom activities, and resources to make your teaching more environmentally friendly. Amanda Beckrich is the author of these articles. She is an environmental science teacher and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program Coordinator at Christ Church […]

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Earth Day

“Think globally, act locally” is a phrase we hear, and for younger students, thinking locally is important, too. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, but the activities and investigations described in this month’s featured articles go beyond a single day and encourage students and teachers to consider what happens in their own lives and […]

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Ecosystems: Interactions, energy, and dynamics

In an NSTA discussion forum, a question was raised about studying ecosystems and food chains at the elementary level. I pointed the readers to articles in this month’s edition of Science & Children, which has a variety of classroom resources and background information for teachers. Many science lessons for young students focus on warm, fuzzy […]

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Updating traditional investigations

As a middle school life science teacher, I wanted students to learn about the living things in the habitats of our own community. One of the investigations we did each year was to “inventory” the bit of lawn in front of the school. The students dug out a small sample, and back in the lab […]

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Accessing nature for lifelong learning

During my volunteer stint at a nearby nature center, which is part of a public park, I observed the people coming in and out. Many of them were focused on using the restroom, but many others did take time to look at the exhibits or ask questions of the staff members and volunteers. The visitors […]

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Flatten the Classroom with the iGo Microscope

Although many handheld technologies of Star Trek seem antiquated, or perhaps even steam punkish in todays world, there are still a few pieces of Treknata that we dream of. But that list just got one item shorter with the iGo wireless microscope. While not quite a Medical Tricorder, the iGo does capture the essence of […]

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Toward the end of the school year, you might be looking for a culminating activity in which students can apply what they’ve learned during the year to new situations or problems. This issue has ideas that help students investigate the big idea of the interrelationships between biodiversity and human activity–how each affects the other. Exploring […]

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Introducing guest blogger, Patty Born Selly

Who better to meet, in this winter season, than someone from Minnesota who shares her ideas on how to enjoy the outdoors with children in her blog, Small Wonders? (I especially enjoyed the post about wrestling with discussing possible truths about a butterfly’s end with her children.) When we met in person at a conference […]

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