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A Learning Trajectory for Sensemaking in Science

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) offer teachers the opportunity to consider teaching science in a new way. We help students engage with, wonder about, and make sense of natural phenomena, which closely resembles how scientists perceive the world and do their work. By observing phenomena, scientists generate questions, predict outcomes, and generalize results to […]

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Making Science Accessible in Multilingual Classrooms

Please welcome guest blogger Karen N. Nemeth, writing about making science learning accessible in multilingual classrooms. Karen N. Nemeth, Ed.M. is an author, consultant and presenter focusing on improving early childhood education for children who are dual language learners.  She is a writer and consulting editor for NAEYC and holds leadership positions at NABE and TESOL. […]

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Science for all

There’s been a lot of activity in the social media sites about the relevance of professional development. Some of the best PD I had came from working informally with special education teachers. I had students with special needs in my classes and my colleagues helped me come to the same conclusions as the SS Editor: […]

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Science for all

For the past few years, the March issue of The Science Teacher has been devoted to this theme. As our classrooms become more diverse, we need ideas and research to help us share our passion for science with all of our students. In this issue, as I read Teaching Science to ELLs, Part 1 and […]

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Teaching science to ELLs

The United States has long been called a “melting pot,” a place where diverse people mixing and mingling. Learning the dominate language is a challenging part of the process, particularly when a student is trying to learn a new language and expand their content knowledge. Okhee Lee and Cory Buxton shared their views on teaching […]

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Science for all

My next-door neighbor is a lovely young woman, currently at the top of her junior class and gathering information on colleges. She’s interested in studying chemistry/chemical engineering (hooray!). I was reflecting on the opportunities she has that did not exist years ago when I was in her situation. Many colleges with strong science/engineering programs were […]

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Science for all

Reading this issue’s articles on English Language Learners (ELLs) — Challenges and Solutions for ELLs and Making the Connection — brought back memories of many students in my classes, but especially of Philippe, who moved to my town from Haiti. Philippe spoke a little English, but no one in our school spoke French or Haitian […]

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